Especially for children

“The most effective education for a child is to play with the beautiful things” Plato
Inter-agency team is equally involved in creating an unforgettable atmosphere. We want your time here to be full of fun and educational activities for all children.
Families with children benefit from these facilities (limited availability):

  • Priority accommodation earlier than 6:00 pm (check-in)
  • Baby cott free of charge-on request
  • Special chairs dining in the restaurant

– Children aged 3-5 years who stay in any room with their parents and do not require extra bed, benefit of free accommodation but pay 50% of the breakfast / demipension / full board equivalent.
– Children aged 6 to 11 who stay in any room with their parents and do not require an extra bed, benefit of free accommodation, but pay 80% of the breakfast / demipension / full board.
– Children over 12 years of age in any room with parents will pay the equivalent of breakfast / demipension / full board and extra bed.

They can also enjoy our outdoor swimming pool with salt water, heated throughout the summer season, as well as playground on the beach outside the hotel. Inter has a Pre-kindergarten, specially designed with children’s furniture and toys, where they can play under the supervision of qualified personnel.

Inter Aviation Charter

We offer a type of tourism dedicated to the passions and tastes of our clients, at the highest standards. Based on the principle according to which every one of us is different, we have created an exclusivist service.
By our unique offers, meant to open the horizon of the tourist elite to another level of experiences, we provide you with Concierge services, perfectly adapted to your needs.

Commander pilots with experience and particular professional training ensure safe and efficient flights.

Direct flights with Challenger 300

Bucharest – London, with 8 passengers: 3 hrs, 00min;
Bucharest -Paris, with 8 passengers: 2 hrs, 15min;
Bucharest -Addis Abba, with 7 passengers: 5 hrs, 40min;
Bucuresti -Addis Abba, cu 7 pasageri: 5ore, 40min;
London – Dubai, with 6 passengers: 6 hrs, 50min;
Paris – abu Dhabi, cu 6 pasageri: 6ore, 45min;
Oslo – Cairo, with 8 passengers: 4 hrs, 35min;
Moscow – Lisbon, with 8 passengers: 5 hrs, 10min;
St. Petersburg – Malaga, with 8 passengers: 4 hrs, 40min;

Direct flights with Hawker900XP

Bucharest – Dubai, with 5 passengers: 5 hrs, 10min;
Bucharest – London, with 6 passengers: 3 hrs, 10min;
Bucharest – Paris, with 6 passengers: 2 hrs, 50min;
Bucharest – Moscow, with 8 passengers: 2 hrs, 20min;
Bucharest – Addis Ababa, with 4 passengers: 5 hrs, 50min;
Paris – Abu Dhabi, with 3 passengers: 4 hrs, 35min;
Oslo – Cairo, with 5 passengers: 4 hrs, 35min;
Moscow – Lisbon, with 4 passengers: 5 hrs, 10min;
St. Petersburg – Malaga, with 6 passengers: 4 hrs, 40min;

Commander pilots with experience and particular professional training ensure safe and efficient flights.


Seafar Yachting Team

We invite you to discover a special way to spend your free time, in an active and captivating manner, navigating together afar. At weekends or during your holiday, you can enjoy all the experiences offered by the sea during an entire day of navigation, having at your disposal the dedicated Skipper, which ensures optimal conditions of navigation, facilitates the actions onboard the boat and ensures the passengers’ comfort during the cruise. Specific equipment for the beach, snorkeling and fishing. Seafood lunch.

Corporate Programs

The corporate programs contribute significantly in the improvement of the relations between colleagues, offering the participants, beside relaxation, the possibility to discover a particular hobby combining elegance and fair play with sea entertainment: yachting.


Team activities will increase your self-confidence as well as your confidence in your colleagues. Such a program will definitely be appreciated and will harmonize the relation between employee and employer.
The activities we organize at sea, onboard the boats, are various and can be adapted to the clients’ preferences. Our ships are modern, safe and well equipped.
The participants will learn:

  • How to evaluate a situation and act under pressure
  • How to work in a team, with roles and responsibilities
  • How to manage available resources
  • How to maintain control by adapting the actions to the situation
  • How to understand and follow standard procedures

PLUS: The feeling of navigating on a modern ship.



Wine tasting

The tasting starts with the preparation of the bottle, more specifically with the opening of the cork cover, which can have a detaching thread or, in its absence, the bottle can be opened by using the special knife attached to the corkscrew. After detaching the cork cover, the bottleneck is cleaned with a clean cloth to avoid the penetration of impurities with the cork extraction. As guests of our hotel, you will often enjoy InterVit wine tasting, in a place where you can admire the enchanting image of the Black Sea.



Mangalia Stud Farm

As guests of our hotel, you will often have the chance to visit Mangalia Stud Farm and enjoy adventures in the equitation world.

Breeds and number of horses:
The Arabian Pure-Blooded breed is the oldest breed in the world, contributing in the realization and improvement of most of the existing horse breeds. It is a horse with a joyful temper, docile, with special aptitudes for gallop races and endurance. It is a very resistant breed to hostile maintenance conditions and to climatic changes.
Horses: nursery studs, growing young studs, dams, public, sports and leisure studs.